Strong Opinions Strong Drink


For most of my life

I have been blessed – or cursed

With strong opinions.

Like strong drink,

Strong opinions

Can be intoxicating

Raise your glass high

Work for the cause

Follow me

I have an idea

I know what we should do

And so often

The people I am with

Have listened and agreed.

Sometimes they even do

What I say.

A wonder

For which I am grateful.

A minister is expected

To know what is right

How to walk this planet

In a way that serves life

A moral guidepost with vision

And God knows I try

But really now

I am only human

Strong opinions

Like strong drinks

Are hard to set aside

But sometimes we

I guess I mean I

Need to stay

Just a bit thirsty

Ask a few more questions

Listen hard for the truth

Explore many paths

Sip some more water

Take some more time

Before we can mix

Just the right cocktail

With an olive of justice

A portion of hope

A splash of compassion

Together at last

In a shaker of love.












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One response to “Strong Opinions Strong Drink”

  1. C.C. says :

    A couple of days ago, I was invited to chair a committee in my UU faith community. My immediate response was that I was reluctant to take on that title, even though I have already been taking on much of the responsibility. Our minister joked, “what title would you prefer to ‘chair’, ‘table’?” Without thinking, I replied, “Barstool.”

    I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the bar I was referring to. The one that serves the kind of cocktail you describe above.

    – Christiana

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