In Memory of Rev. Georgette Wonders

I never met her

I don’t think

Maybe passing in a crowd

Yet I still grieve

This sister spirit lost too soon

Sorrow hangs a halo

For what might have been

Another day

Another hour

Another blessing

Given and received

So short our lives

So warm our hearts

Tender mercy

Help us heal

And begin again the work

She left for us to do.




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5 responses to “In Memory of Rev. Georgette Wonders”

  1. Jerin Mueller-Moore says :

    Thank you kindly Rev Novak for this lovely reading which so helped me to start my personal grief process from this senseless tragedy. As REV Wonder’s first DRE at BCCUU~I offer a response and hopefully others will follow your kind lead. Peace and Blessed Be. But most of all thanks!

    In Response
    for gentle, REV Georgette

    I did meet her ~
    Had the privileged honor to work beside
    And call her friend.
    A kindred sister with a gentle spirit voice filled with
    Sharing simple gifts and trumpeting words of wisdom~
    And songs of peace, kindness, joy and light.
    Along with LOVE for all God’s children and creatures.
    A colorful palette & potpourri of exploration and wonders~
    That so many will forever hold close within the chalice of their beings.
    Reds and yellows, alizarin, crimson and blues~
    Forever blending, bending, reaching, stretching, turning, weaving
    And always growing.
    To bloom anew~
    For justice, compassion, kindness, peace
    And always, LOVE.

    • revtheresanovak says :

      Thank you! It was hard to know if my words would resonate with those who actually knew her. I am glad to know they were helpful. Such a tragedy.

      • Jerin Mueller-Moore says :

        Thank you SO KINDLY! I know others will follow. I could not help to….The commUNITY is at a loss. Tony Larson, of course did a wonderful Memorial Service. HE has seen us thru so many many firsts etc. hUUgs

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