Utah to spend $2 million to prevent marriage equality.

To my Mormon Cousins:

If it made you happy

If it kept you strong

I would smile for you

And bless your journey

If you found the one

Whose soul met yours

In the ancient dance of bliss

I’d just have to cheer you on.

She makes me happy

She keeps me strong

We sing a sacred song

I don’t need your temples

Your bishops or your priests

I have my own

Religious home

With folks that love me

With folks that care

A God that is all love

I don’t need you

To cheer me on.

I don’t need your blessing

I have my own

You can’t rain on my parade

But don’t take my money

To try and prove

Your way is somehow better

Than my own

If you try to outlaw my love

Your own heart will shrivel

And your God will look away

Embarrassed by your coldness

Your hubris and your fear.

Your temple it will fall

Crushed by weight of the wrong

That you have done to others.

Let love in before your faith

Turns to ashes in the wind.

















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