Christmas Mourning

Sometimes on a Christmas morning

Before sleep has left my side

Tears just come to fill my eyes

Somewhere a small child wonders

What the coming day might bring

Shining tinsel sugar plums

Electronic miracles

Or angry words and sirens

Mothers passed out on the floor

Fathers riding home

In the backseats of police cars.

Uncle Ernie cannot keep

His nasty hands away

Aunt Ellen talks too loud

As she watches  him.

Cousin Carl calls Doug a fag

While Susan screams at Carl

How we mourn our loved ones

Who have died and gone away

How we yearn for simpler times

If they ever were

We’re all lucky we’ve survived

For all that spend this day in grief

For all who live in fear

It is right to shed some tears.

Pray for peace and blessings

For safety and warm homes

For each and every child today

Pray that love will be reborn

And hope light up their eyes.













One response to “Christmas Mourning”

  1. Kamalpreet says :

    Nice words and well expressed
    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year..
    You might also like my poetry:

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