Married Again

I am flying back to CA today to be with my wife, spend the holidays with our children, and get ready for our January wedding.  We had a friend perform a legal marriage for us there in July.  Then we came back to Utah and were unrelated, our relationship not recognized by our state.  This afternoon, when I arrive in the Bay Area, or maybe even as I fly over the Sierras, we will be married again.  We will soon have a big wedding ceremony and reception, and our relationship will be blessed by a fabulous minister and affirmed by 100+ family and friends.  Afterward, we will drive back to Utah.  Once we cross the boarder into Nevada, we will again be legal strangers.  It is not fun living in a so-called “family values” state that doesn’t recognize our commitment to each other.  After 39 years together, our lives are completely entwined.  “Families are forever” is an LDS slogan that refers to eternal  marriage or marriages in the afterlife.  Mormon men can have more than one wife once they get to heaven.  I’d be just fine having my one marriage recognized in this world, all the time, wherever I might be and wherever I might travel.

Maybe the Supremes will sing again.

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