Working on Sundays and Holidays

Maybe it is because I am a minister, but I understand working on both Sundays and holidays.  Somebody has to do it.  I work most Sundays, of course, so Saturday nights are never a good time to party.  I have worked Christmas Eve,  Christmas Day, and on Easter.  My family does suffer some from it, especially as my wife’s birthday is December 24th.  It is OK.  It is part of the job, one I consider a calling.

Lots of people work Sundays and holidays because the rest of us really need them there, on duty.  Hospital and nursing home staff, the police and fire folks, utility repair workers, prison guards, soldiers, and a host of others need to cover because their jobs are critical to the health and safety of others.

Others work Sunday’s and holidays in restaurants, movie theaters, and gas stations.  While not critical in the same sense, they are important services to offer.  Eating out or seeing a movie on a holiday can ease the sadness that sometimes comes when your family is far away and you can’t be with them.  Not everyone has the same holiday, of course.  Going to the movies on Christmas Day is a popular tradition for many of my Jewish friends.  Speaking of which, Sunday is not a day of worship for many people.  Jews, Muslims,and non-believers should be able to get groceries on Sundays.  Buying a bottle of wine of a Sunday should also be possible even though we cant do that here in Utah.

The retail stores being open on Thanksgiving Day does seem to be a problem to me, however.  The largely low paid workers may be glad for the money (think Walmart), but wouldn’t it be better if they could have a paid holiday off instead?  Employer’s could call it a Thanksgiving Bonus and include some extra cash.   Much better than a Christmas bonus anyway, as it could appeal to non-Christians and secularists as well.  Of course some of the native peoples of this continent don’t tend to feel quite the same way about Thanksgiving.  The day after all is a celebration of the survival of the European invaders.   Illegal immigrants they were and much worse than the undocumented folks of today who are mainly just looking for jobs. The pilgrims stole land that did not belong to them.  And no, the Dutch really did not buy Manhattan for  $24.  Maybe we should give it back as a way for expressing gratitude for those turkeys back in the day.

Time to quit blogging for now.  Tomorrow, Sunday, is a work day for me and I have some more preparation to do.  Monday will be my sabbath. I wish you a good one too, even if you have to work.



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