A Holiday Request from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden

November 2013

Dear Friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden,

Happy Holidays!

We are approaching the end of yet another year.  I hope it has been a good one for you and for those you love.  If you have been having a difficult time, I hope things will be brighter in the coming year.

Most of our lives contain a mixture of joy and pain, and so it is in congregational life.

Many things at UUCO are going very well.  You know this if you come to our Sunday services.  There is energy, enthusiasm, and connection.  There are a lot of new people, including families with children.  Worship is just rocking with excellent music every Sunday as well.  A few other things of special note:

The Navigators group is going strong, providing young people an inclusive alternative to the Boy Scouts who are still discriminating against both atheists and GLBT leaders.

Our sermons are now posted on Youtube.  We have our own channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-4wsU7MeI14NgbOSsMcOjQ

This is not only a good place to catch a sermon you might have missed; it is also an incredible way to reach out to others who might be looking for a spiritual home such as ours.  Facebook and twitter both help in this as well.

Our Religious Exploration Classes are going strong and we are again offering comprehensive sexuality education to our youth with the OWL program.

One area is causing quite a bit of stress, however, and that is our finances.  Since the recession hit, we have been consistently bringing in less than we need to cover expenses.  Because of this, and because of some needed repairs to our aging building, we have been using up our cash reserves, which are now nearly down to the $30,000 limit we agreed to establish as a minimum to cover any emergencies. As a result, the board and our committees have needed to be in “penny pinching mode.”  One example is that we cut our advertising budget and our Sunday services are now no longer listed in the Standard Examiner.  We have also deferred some needed building repairs until we are sure that we will have enough money to do them.

We have several fundraisers planned that should help see us through the rest of this fiscal year without needing to make any really drastic cuts in staff or in programming.  But even with successful fundraisers, we will still have a very tight budget.

Financial prudence is a good thing, but too much penny pinching can be, as the saying goes, “penny wise and pound foolish.”  UUCO is a vibrant, growing congregation that has an impact in the wider community that is much greater than our size would suggest.  We need to have the ability to respond to opportunities to serve without having to worry if we have the hundred or so dollars that would be needed.  We need to keep our building in good repair.  Deferred maintenance is often more expensive in the long run.

We ask you every year to make an extra donation to UUCO, above and beyond your regular pledge.  This year, we are asking you to dig deeper.  We would like to raise $20,000 in this end of year appeal. 

If four of you gave $5000 each, we would meet that goal.  If 20 of you could give $1000 each, we would meet that goal.  If you can write a check in one of those amounts, or somewhere in between, please do so today.

Many of us do not have enough resources to do that, however, I know that, we all know that.  Some of us struggle just to put food on the table, but most of us are somewhere in the middle. If you can’t contribute $1000, then could you give UUCO $500?  What about $100?  If even $100 is too much, $50 would help too.

Together we can do this.  Let’s raise the $20,000 quickly so we can stop limiting ourselves because of a lack of sufficient resources.  Let’s create an atmosphere of abundance, where our spirits all can grow and flourish and where our doors are always open wide to welcome whoever and whatever may come.

Consider what the existence of UUCO means to you and to Ogden and write a check that is as generous as you are able.  You might also consider asking some of friends and family members to make a donation to UUCO in your name instead of buying you a gift.

If you would like more detail on UUCO’s financial situation, please feel free to contact our church treasurer, Jeff Lensman.

Thank you, and may you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season,

Rev. Theresa

PS.  This year, we are again saving the postage costs by sending this via email.  You may mail your holiday gift check to:

Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden
705 23rd Street

Ogden, UT 84401

You may also drop it in the offering basket on Sunday.

In both cases please note “end of year gift” in the remarks section of your check.

If it is easier for you, you may make a donation online.  To do so, please go to the following web address:

https://www.wepay.com/donations/uu-church-of-ogden-2013-year-end-appeal (Donations received or postmarked by December 31st will be tax deductible for 2013.)


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