The Terrible Tea Party Strategy

I have to wonder if Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are kicking themselves this week.  All the pain and suffering they caused was completely pointless.  Mike Lee in particular did seriously damage to his own constituency.  The Utah economy is very dependent on both the national park system and federal employment.  Funny he didn’t seem to realize that.  He still says he did it to call attention to problems with Obamacare and that he isn’t sorry.  What he and Ted Cruz did instead was infuriate everyone  with their threats of default and  other shenanigans.  They also managed to distract everyone from any problems with the Affordable Healthcare Act roll out.

Now, because of website glitches, chaos reigns.  I knew single payer would have been much better, but no, Congress went for the Romney plan instead.  I suspect it will all work out eventually, but if the tea party had simply kept the government open, raised the debt ceiling,  and waited a week or two, they might have come across as wise in their misgivings.  No chance of them ever looking wise now.

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2 responses to “The Terrible Tea Party Strategy”

  1. Al says :

    These elected officials are not patriots. They are anarchists. Their goal isn’t to change the government but rather to wreck it by any means at their disposal. This is why they remain unrepentant and unashamed of their actions. It’s the duty of good, civic minded people from across the political spectrum to see that these fools are given the boot in the next election. We need people in charge of our government who are dedicated to solving problems, not manufacturing more of them in an effort to score poltical points.

  2. rwr says :

    Funny thing — all this screaming that the ACA website doesn’t work. I didn’t have any problem with it. Then again, I wasn’t fighting for bandwidth with every reporter on the plane the very first day it went live, either. I waited a couple days. Didn’t get the first 404 error, no “hangs”, not so much as a slow-loading page. Technology rule #26: never, ever try to use a new website the first day it is live.

    I would happily agree to a deal where one side gives up Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for the other side to give up McConnell, Cruz and Lee. (I figure Cruz and Lee come as an inseparable set.)

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