Cruz’n Lee – Two Little Pigs

Shocking, I found it seriously shocking that as part of his temper tantrum over Obamacare, Sen. Ted Cruz read one of my favorite books: Green Eggs and Ham. (Click) Why didn’t he read Ayn Rand Fountainhead or maybe the three little pigs?  He could then go all moralistic about the poor pig that foolishly built his house of straw.  Yes, if you don’t have the good sense to be born rich or to sell yourself to get a job in Congress (and great healthcare)  you really should be throw to the wolves.  The three little pigs might have made some sense given his political philosophy.  Or maybe it should be Two Little Pigs so he and his bud Mike Lee could just laugh and actually say out loud, “I’ve got mine, so forget about the rest of you.”

But Green Eggs and Ham?  What a travesty!

I have read Green Eggs and Ham in church.  It has a great message, an inspiring message.  Maybe both Ted Cruz and Mike Lee should read it again, maybe they would learn something.  It is about keeping an open mind, about trying something you think you will hate, and finding out you like it.  It is also about miracles.  Sam I Am keeps at it and finally convinces his friend to try a taste.  That’s the miracle, that he was willing to keep trying. The fact that green eggs and ham are good, we knew all along.  Now, I don’t think Cruz and Lee will like Obamacare no matter what.  I am frankly not all that crazy about it either.  I much would have preferred something like the Canadian system, but it is MUCH better than what is going on now in this country.  People are literally dying for lack of access to health care.  They often have to chose between their medicine and eating.  Someone, I think it was Jesus, asked us to feed the hungry and care for the sick.  If this debate is about freedom, it is only the freedom to give into greed.  Two little pigs, indeed, playing to the greed and self-righteousness that keeps people apart, demonizing the poor.  Hardly fitting for a so-called Christian nation and hardly fitting for a democracy.  They also want to cut food stamps at a time when hunger in the US is increasing.  (Hungry people come to our church every week looking for food.  We do what we can, but it is never enough.)

Dr Seuss has a lot of great books.  More of them should be read in Congress.  It might actually help.  It might open a few minds – and hearts.

“I do so like
green eggs and ham!
Thank you!
Thank you,

Me, I am hoping for a miracle.

Of course, in my Unitarian Universalist faith, we tend to believe that we are the ones who have to make the miracles.  It is time to tell the little pigs to sit down, shut up, and really listen.  Otherwise, they will shut down not only the government, but all possibility of becoming a country that actually cares about more than 1% of its people.


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2 responses to “Cruz’n Lee – Two Little Pigs”

  1. Victoria Betz says :

    Yes, yes and yes to all of the above!

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