“Join the Move” Won’t Preach

I have gotten several emails and seen a number of facebook posts and tweets asking if my congregation has signed up for the UUA’s fundraising effort scheduled for October 6, which is called Join the Move.  We haven’t yet, and most likely won’t.  Maybe it is because it is a very tight budget year, but I have not yet consulted with the board, the finance committee,  or the worship committee to see if any of them think it is a good idea.  It is a really tight budget year, but that is not the only reason for my reluctance to even raise the possibility of participating.  We are a fair share congregation.  I believe in the importance of supporting our Association above and beyond our Annual Program Fund contribution.  I personally donate every year to the UUA.  Our church participated  in every single Association Sunday from 2007 to 2011 and raised quite a bit of money for a small congregation.  One year it was close to $1500.  The Association Sunday themes were good: We are better Together, Growing our Faith, Growing our Diversity, were a few of them.  I can’t remember them all and can’t find them easily on the web, but they were all themes where I could generate some excitement both in myself and in the congregation.  The money was going to exciting things, new and innovative things, things that I could see would help us carry our faith into the world.  Contrast that with Join the Move:

“Join the Move Sunday is about more than just the UUA’s new headquarters. Money raised by your congregation for the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) will support our efforts to create more collaborative, efficient and effective space that will allow us to serve you better. And your gifts will also help create something crucial to who we are, what we do and why we matter. Together we will build the new Heritage and Vision Center, an innovative and cutting edge space dedicated both to our Unitarian Universalist history and to the future we are creating together.”

So we want to create a museum to replace the historic building we are selling?  How does this help us “strengthen and support Unitarian Universalism in the world!”  as it states in the promotional materials?  I get it that our staff needs a more modern space to do our work, and a  museum is a fine idea.  25 Beacon’s main advantage was its history and that it was on the Boston Common right next to the  State House.  I was saddened by the decision to move our headquarters, but I also have respect for our elected leadership who researched the various issues thoroughly before deciding.  And yes, it is going to take money to make the new space on Farnsworth what it needs to be.  But as a national fundraising campaign, it just doesn’t work for me.  I have no clue as to what kind of sermon I could write.  It is not something I can get very excited or passionate about.

I couldn’t even find the “worship resources” that the blog says are there.  I looked on the UUA website too.  Zip.

Maybe there is a reason for that.

A common phrase used by ministers is , “That will preach!”  Frankly, in my opinion, “Join the Move”, won’t.




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5 responses to ““Join the Move” Won’t Preach”

  1. Tom Schade says :

    Someday, I would be happy to contribute to a museum of Unitarian Universalism associated with our headquarters in Boston. But, at this stage, it is all too much ‘inside baseball’.

  2. Cynthia Landrum says :

    The worship resources aren’t easy to find. They’re at http://stewardship.blogs.uua.org/congregations/join-the-move-sunday-worship-resources/. I don’t know why they chose the blog format for Join the Move instead of just the uua.org pages, because that makes it more confusing. The worship resources aren’t terribly inspiring, but it’s hard to remember when I saw a worship resource packet that was.

  3. Maureen Killoran says :

    Totally in agreement. Wish I had not committed to the thing. As you say, its not gonna preach.

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