#Syria and Sin

Syria has sinned

Against its people

A crime

But just who

Tell me who

Gave us the job

Of  cop for the world?

We lost the moral high ground

Years ago

If we ever had it.

To begin with

We killed the natives

Tortured our slaves

Dropped the A bomb

Do we remember Vietnam?

Napalm, Agent Orange

We went into Iraq

For a oilman’s dream

Casting the first stone

So many times

Is not wise.




Atrocities abound

What now?

Why now?

Children will die

Bombs kill too.

What makes us think

We can always

Go it alone?

Self righteous angels

We are not

The truth is

No one is innocent

Bless us all

Bless us all.




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4 responses to “#Syria and Sin”

  1. Ian Lawton says :

    Nicely said. Thank you. I will use this as a reading in our liturgy, with your permission. Ian (soulseeds.com)

  2. Ian Lawton says :

    thank you- yes I did cite you as author and it got applause after being read. Its still now being posted to facebook https://www.facebook.com/growgoddess/posts/537125526360006?notif_t=mention

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