Serving Together

The music is different

But the words are the same

Move over make room

Let me in let me play.


You’re young you’re strong

You’ve something to say

The fire in your belly

Urges you on.


My hair may be grey

My body a wreck

I’m still not afraid

To stick out my neck.


Don’t limit the vision

There’s plenty of room

Pulpits abound if you

Know how to preach


The message has meaning

Wherever you are

Love shows the way

If your ears hear the call.


The wisdom is God’s

The glory is giving

It’s not about you

Even less about me


The fire burns within me

I’m trying to last

Speak truth as I know it

Live life as I must


Don’t push me aside

I’m not holding you back

You can run up the stairs

We can preach in the street


I’ll lend you a hand

Can you steady my step

Walk with with the Spirit

This faith needs us all.


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