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SE weddingphoto

Our wedding announcement was printed in the local paper today.  It is the first time, I was told, that a same gender couple had their wedding announcement published.  This IS progress.  As I wrote in an earlier post, (Click here) the recognition counts for a lot.  I feel just a little more married today, even in Utah.  Thanks, Standard Examiner!

And thanks too to Charles Trentelman, a recently retired newspaper columnist, still writing.  Read his blog post about us (here.)


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7 responses to “In the Local Paper”

  1. Debra Garfinkel says :

    Congratulations, Theresa!! Many blessings for you and Anne and for an even more amazing life together. Hugs! – Debra Garfinkel

  2. Alicia says :

    So happy for both of you and for our community!

  3. eteal says :

    Congratulations! in so many ways, unions bring blessings to us all.

  4. Lin Marie says :

    I’m so happy for you and Anne. I wish for both of you many more years of love and pure happiness, and to your children,also.

    I’m very pleased that the Standard published your wedding announcement. Times are a changing and you’re leading the change. You are an inspiration to all LGBT&Q people, especially me, and to all same-sex couples in Utah.


  5. Our Childrens Earth says :

    Congrats to you an amazing couple….love you both!

  6. Jeffrey and David says :

    Love it! I was hoping reason would prevail, but it did anyway.

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