Apocalypse – not

Have you been to the mountaintop

Seen the fire and flaming ash

The lava flowing like liquid gold

A perfect apocalypse?


Get that image away from me

Erase it from your brain

God is the cool of the misting sea

The warmth of a sunlit field.


The Holy comes in sweet daydreams

Not terrors in the night

The Spirit lives within us all

Hold it close in loving arms.







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3 responses to “Apocalypse – not”

  1. dtdeedge says :

    this comes across angry. are you angry?

    • revtheresanovak says :

      Nope, this doesn’t feel at all angry to me. I am just not fond of end-times theologies. They are sacrilegious in my opinion.

      • dtdeedge says :

        it’s hard to deny them, since they have been incorporated into most christian canons. But, I do not enjoy them at all, and do not typically trust in those who claim to know what will be, or what might have been.

        sorry I misread the anger. I’ll give it another go.

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