She Said Yes and So Did I!

Driving from Utah, a state that says no never no-way, we talked about getting married.  Driving through Nevada, a state which is thinking about saying maybe, we decided.  It has only been 38 and a half years since we began our relationship.  Three different houses and three kids later we hope to be legally married this week in California – a state that now says yes.  We will have a religious wedding ceremony on our 39th anniversary, also in California.  The kids are all here, and it is my home state, although I will continue to live and work in Utah.  We will ask our wedding guests to make a donation to Equality  Utah instead of buying gifts.  We really don’t need any more toasters or blenders at this point.  Maybe we can help Equality Utah help change things for those who come after us, who could use some wedding gifts on a special day, a day when the only thing that will matter is the love and commitment that is shared.

Allies dinner            anne and t 1975

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3 responses to “She Said Yes and So Did I!”

  1. Jolene Abbott says :

    Congratulations ladies! Thank you for sharing your story and for supporting Equality Utah. What a beautiful legacy to leave for future generations ❤

    • Lin Marie says :

      Congratulations, Theresa and Anne! I am so happy for you. Getting married is a wonderful way to celebrate your 38 + years together. Blessings to you both.

  2. Cynthia Hatting says :

    Congratulations to both of you; It’s admirable that you’ve come this far, and in truth you have been married for all intents and purposes these past 38 years. It’s just taken this long for it to be finally recognized for what it is by the federal government and by a growing number of states. I’m happy for you both that this momentous decision happened in our lifetime!

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